Teachers Council


The teachers’ council is the Statutory Body in the College which promotes and regulates professional standards in teaching. It takes the responsibility of quality assurance at the level of teaching-learning and evaluation. It acts in the interest of the teachers while upholding and enhancing standards in the teaching profession. The Teacher’s council’s purpose is to ensure safe and high quality leadership, teaching-learning for all the stakeholders of the College. It also monitors the proper designing and implementation of the planning related to the academic health of the college including admission, examination, sports and cultural activities, extension activities, research etc. All the full-time teachers appointed in the substantive post are the members of the Teachers’ council. The principal acts as the Ex-officio President of this council. Different committees are formed by the teachers’ council where the members are selected from the teachers. Teachers’ council meeting is presided by the Principal.

Secretary, Teachers’ Council: Dr. Sujay Nayek email

1 2017-2018
2 2018-2019
3 2019-2020
4 2020-2021
5 2021-2022
6 2022-2023
7 2023-2024