Library Services


Kartik Chandra Kundu

M.Com., MLISc.

Librarian (Stage IV)



Smt. Baishali Mukherjee Goswami


Sri Shibram Sinha Roy


Sri Brahmadeb Prasad Chourasia




Smt. Anima DasGupta (Librarian)


Smt. Nandita Dasgupta (Library Assistant)


Ranabir Barua


Tapati Bhattacharryya



The library staffs help the users in the following way:

  • Locate the documents of different departments;
  • Trace the required documents from the shelves;
  • Search the documents from electronic database of the documents;
  • Attend to the users queries and offer guidance on how to use the library efficiently


  • Membership

The members of the library are all faculty members, non-teaching staff and bona fide students. Membership to users of the college is allowed after filling the prescribed form. There is no annual membership fee. Only students are to pay rupees one hundred only as development fee of the library at the time of admission and need not to pay any security deposit.

  • Circulation

The circulation section of the Library is equipped with the latest technologies such as computerized circulation. The honours students can borrow 2 books for 7days and general students can borrow 1 book for 7 days only. 7 books are issued to faculty members for the period of 30 days. On the other hand, staff members can borrow 3 books for 1 month only. Loose issues of the periodicals and reference books are not issued to the users. If the book is not returned or renewed on the prescribed due date then overdue amount of Rs. 0.50 per day is charged from the student members.

  • User education

User education involves orientation to the library users regarding use of the library and its resources so that the users can explore the available library resources at the optimal level. Library professionals as well as library staff assist the users regarding use of library materials, issue system of library books, online resources, internet, electronic databases and online databases by delivering one time lecture in the library premises to the students at the time of enrolment of the library membership.

  • Apart from the above the Library is provides the following services

1. List of new arrivals books

2. Reference service

3. Bibliographic Service (on demand)

4. E-Delivery Service.etc.