President's Desk
  • From the desk of the President

The day’s colours move into memory. We allow them to swim past. The change as a process in nature suggests that mutability is a powerful force capable of stimulating one’s perceptions therefore allowing human beings to access the beauty in life as long as one’s imagination can seek it out. Dreams keep our hopes alive for a better tomorrow. With hopes,  dreams open.  Perceptions construct eyes/gazes to look at things and subjects. Three years in a college is the most formative space for self construction of the self. Awareness is a blessing the students should cultivate as a habit. Good, timely and honest investments give high dividends later on. Positive energy leads to a definite destination. Students can overcome uncertain faiths by strong determination and productive initiatives.

The expressions of a vibrant college life are difficult to clamber out though words and expressions. Creative aroma enlivens mysteriously powerful thoughts in all of us. Each one of us has a dignified journey through time.  Innovations are ultimate learning outcomes. In the bosom of ignited youth, it is playing host to a home and the world. Some actions never sleep. They keep resonating in the domains we inhabit. Let us be united to heal the hurts, wounds, prejudices and illness of our society.

India’s unique advocacy of unity in cultural and linguistic plurality is at the core of all cultural constructions. Our students are nation builders. I firmly believe that students of Netaji Nagar Day College will be up for it mentally and physically to deliver their best  for the immediate society  and the world.

A teacher is always a teacher. A dynamic academic culture should be infectious. The college office should work relentlessly towards an exemplary service provider to its past and present students. The college has been organising training on soft skills for staff members. Netaji Nagar Day College has enormous potential for being referred to as a model institution. I always believe that a happy  person can make the world a happy place to live in. Happiness is not a mere dress code. I mean happiness as a mental trope.

While writing this note I remember all who served as the President of the Governing Body of this prestigious college before me. This thriving legacy is a responsibility. Over my shoulders a desire is enacted—to step into our collective smiles.

With all respectable Governing Body members, Principal madam, esteemed teachers, non teaching fraternity, students and other stakeholders of the college form a great capital for the vertical growth to be journeyed together in all possible aspects of the college. The Students’ Council is a constructive pillar for the institution. Quality publications by the teachers keep the flag of the college high. Continuous research cultivates a healthy spirit in our mind. All positive vibes and achievements are to be celebrated collectively. We are a family. Let us turn the mud green carpet ours.



Jaydeep Sarangi
Winter 2022
Governing Body
Netaji Nagar Day College